From Boston Mass Pike Route 90 West towards Worcester.

(From Lincoln, MA: take 95 south – take exit 25 to Mass Pike West towards Worcester)

Go  29.7  miles on Mass Pike West

Take Exit 10A (Route 146/US 20)

Go through the toll booth

Stay in right hand lane after going through the tolls.  (Note: the left takes you to Route 20, the right takes you to Route 146) it’s called the Route 20 Connector.)

Turn right at the set of lights.

Take the next right to get onto Route 146 South . Drive about 4 miles on Route 146.

You will Pass Tony’s Pizza on the right at a big set of lights and then pass a small plaza on the right.  Take the next exit, Exit 7,to  Central Turnpike (Northbridge/Oxford)

Take the exit and go to the end. (Don’t take the first road on the right (Amaral) but go to the end.  You will pass Pleasant Valley Country Club. 

When you get to the end of the exit ramp TURN RIGHT onto Central Turnpike heading towards Oxford.

Drive about 1.5 miles up Central Turnpike, to top of hill. TURN LEFT onto Purgatory Road.  The sign is on the right hand side that says Purgatory Chasm STATE PARK. ( If miss it, you get to a set of blinking yellow light, and you have missed Purgatory Road). Turn around.

Drive about one mile on Purgatory road. Drive slowly, when the  road curves to the left down a hill.  You will see a side road (Southwick road) off to the right and diagonal to my driveway which is on the left.  My mailbox is #35 and there are red markers on my mailbox.

Take the driveway to the right of my mailbox, you will see the barn and paddock at the end of my long driveway and will be driving down the driveway next to the paddock.

If you pass it, the entrance to the next house on the left has a very high stone wall. You can turn around.


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