Pet Care Services - Fees and Information

I specialize in providing individualized full service care for all kinds of animals, which includes horses, donkeys, ponies, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, sheep, etc.   My handling of horses follows the traditions of the natural horsemanship program. 

An initial free consultation is generally provided to new clients to assess individual needs and to determine appropriate fees before contracting for services.  Care of your animals will be customized to the individual needs of both the client and animals.  Fees are negotiated with client for additional time spent for training purposes.  Services are generally provided at the client's home/facility except for the kenneling of the client's dog(s), while away or for boarding your horse at my barn/facility.  If an overnight stay at your home is needed for your animals, fees will be assessed  accordingly.   For clients outside of the 15 mile radius, a modest travel fee will be assessed.  Overnight stays are based on a per night stay.  Vacation service is available.

Please see the individual sections for services and fees applicable for the care of horses, dogs, and cats.  For all other animals, fees will be assessed after the initial free consultation.  Fees are generally bundled for clients with a variety of animals with a minimum fee of $50 per visit. 

Other services include bringing in your mail, watering your plants, feeding fish or birds, bringing in trash cans, moving curtains around to look like someone is at home. Basic security for your home.



31.07.2020 20:21

Angela Kazanovicz

Hi Jen Jolie, I’m happy to discuss. Can you call me at 774-232-0797. Thank you so much

31.07.2020 18:28

Jen Jolie

We have a new puppy and are looking for future pet sitters in our house when we travel. She is a mini golden doodle. What are your rates and is it you or other people as well?